1:   Everyone must be 18 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

*With said parent or guardian, children as young as 6 years of age are permitted to throw.  

2:  Everyone must sign the Moss & Hatchet waiver.




4:  Throwers are not permitted to bring their own axes except during specified League nights.

5:  Only active throwers allowed in the the lanes.

6:  No axes allowed outside of the lanes.

7:  Axes are NEVER to be thrown while axe in adjacent target is being retrieved

8:  Thrown axe must be retrieved before another axe is thrown.

9:  No trick shots allowed (underhand, double throw, etc..) except during specified League nights.

10:  Throwers consuming alcohol must do so in a responsible manner.

11:  Throwers must listen to coach instruction at all times.

Failure to follow rules at anytime may result in removal from the premises without refund.

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